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For more than 40 years there has been one name most associated with dermatology and skin care in the Kingdom of Bahrain. And that name is Dr. Khalil Al Arayedh, the founder of Allure (ADLC). Through his dedication and perseverance the importance of dermatological conditions and issues have been recognised by the Kingdom's Ministry of Health. His study in and knowledge of the field drove him to establish the first Chair for Dermatology in what is today known as the Salmaniya Medical Complex. Through his efforts, Dr. Khalil Al Arayedh was able to focus serious medical attention on the various problems associated with skin conditions from acne and psoriasis to melanomas and the relationship between moles and cancers.

Today the world over, the field of dermatology has expanded beyond the borders of medical attention to cosmetic enhancement. However, at the Allure (ADLC) we never lose sight of the fact that all treatments that are carried out for skin repair, easing of dermatological conditions or beauty, must be conducted in a highly clinical environment and under the guidance of medically trained and knowledgeable practitioners.


When he was just a student in school, Khalil Al Arayedh witnessed a relative suffer terribly from a skin condition for which there was no treatment available anywhere in Bahrain. From that early age, he decided that he would find a way to help people like his relative.

In order to do this, he focused on becoming a doctor – a goal he achieved 1969 from the Alexandria University in Egypt. He followed that with a year and a half in London, UK where he specialised and later went on to complete a post-graduate residency at the American University of Beirut.

Dr. Khalil's commitment to the cause and care of dermatological conditions in the Kingdom led him to establish a department of dermatology in what was then the Salmaniya Hospital and later to initiate and set up a Chair for Dermatology in order to teach and train residents and family physicians in conditions and concerns with regard to the skin.

It was this desire to always remain up-to-date with international developments, which were behind Dr. Khalil's initiatives to bring several new treatments to Bahrain. In 1974-75 he introduced Cryotherapy for the treatment of warts, skin lesions, and other keratoses. He also introduced the very first PUVA (Ultra Light Therapy A & B) equipment for eczemas, psoriasis, vitiligo and similar conditions. And when it comes to the now ubiquitous laser and Radio Frequency therapies, Dr. Khalil was at the forefront of their introduction to the Kingdom.

Although more concerned with medical treatments, Dr. Khalil was open to the cosmetic needs of patients recognising the importance of self-esteem and confidence in the holistic treatment of an individual. This inspired him to bring Mesotherapy for weight loss and celluite reduction to Bahrain.

Today, there is a considerable shift towards beauty and cosmetology. Women and even men are resorting to procedures and treatments to enhance their looks. To echo the words of Dr. Khalil, "Through all our treatments, at Allure (ADLC) we strive to improve skin conditions and enhance beauty with the minimum of side effects.


At Allure (ADLC) we are committed to providing superior expertise to improve and enhance your skin and beauty. Our concept is to provide expert skin care and aesthetics in a respectful environment to make our patients feel at ease, comfortable and confident. At Allure ADLC we are pleased to say that we set the benchmark for excellence in aesthetic skin care and strive to improve the efficacy and safety of clinical and cosmetic therapy.

Allure (ADLC) offers a full complement of Consulting & Treatment of dermatological conditions from the pioneers of dermatology in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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