General Questions

Before you decide on a treatment we can give you a full and comprehensive consultation. Our Doctors will design a specific skin care regime for your particular needs.

Before you decide to follow a programme, a lengthy discussion with one of our Doctors will help to determine what treatment will suit you.

As each individual treatment is unique, each procedure has a different effective period. The effects will be explained during the consultation.

Cosmetic or aesthetic treatments are no longer exclusive and expensive, but are now widely available and affordable.

It means 'pertaining to a beautiful appearance'. All our treatments are designed to improve or enhance your appearance using our top-of-the-range technology, treatments and expert opinions.

Generally no, there is little or no downtime. However, for some of the problematic conditions some time-off may be required.

One of the main advantages of non-surgical treatment is that there is very little discomfort involved with the process. Our equipment is designed to minimize any possible discomfort and a local or topical anaesthetic will be provided for any treatments that may be even slightly painful.

In general terms people who suffer from severe health problems and poorly controlled diabetics are not suitable. However, a lengthy consultation with one of our Doctors will help to determine who is unsuitable.

We aim for complete customer satisfaction and all procedures are regularly monitored to ensure complete satisfaction.

Each patient is different, and it depends on the type of procedure undertaken. What you can expect will be explained in the pre-treatment consultation.

Problems associated with non-surgical cosmetic treatments tend to be relatively minor and temporary. However, as each treatment is different the risks will be explained in great depth during your consultation.

Overall, dermatological treatments are successful and will meet your expectations. However, occasionally complications can arise either during the treatment or in post care.

As our team of dermatology consultants individually develops each of our programmes, following the advice provided will guarantee you the optimum outcome.


Hours of operation

  • Saturday to Thursday:
    9:00am to 12:30 noon
    4:00pm to 8:00pm

  • Friday: Closed

Allure (ADLC) is situated in an historic district: Salmaniya where the country's first government hospital the Salmaniya Medical Complex is situated.


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